The latest W-8BEN tax exemption tutorial for the US tax form/Adsense US tax information filling in the US, China, and China (Hong Kong)

In the previous article, I wrote a very comprehensive tutorial for filling in US tax forms. Since the previous one is already in a semi-expired state, we will start with the topic today.

Today’s tutorial will be the latest and final version of the U.S. tax information operation of Adsense. As long as you are not a foreigner living in the U.S. and you are not involved in the revenue-generating business of Adsense in the U.S., then today’s tax form is completely formal, legal and tax-free;

If you are a Youtube channel creator, a 10% tax rate will be withheld for related income from the United States.

Take China as an example, enter the management tax information page, [add tax information] in the lower right corner.

A page will pop up, we enter the password and continue. When you arrive at the following page, you generally choose individuals rather than non-entities, non-US citizens and residents, and then proceed to the next step.

Most people outside the U.S. are only suitable to fill out the W-8BEN tax form, we just choose this one.

After the next step, enter the step of confirming tax status. First confirm whether the name is correct, because the document that matches the name will be submitted later.

For foreigners’ tax identification number (TIN), we can actually fill in the Chinese ID number, and the actual test proves that it has no effect.

If you do not fill in this, then you will not be able to achieve tax exemption or preferential tax rate reduction in the future. It will default to 30%.

Next, the address. Whether it is an American Adsense account or a Hong Kong Adsense account, we can directly select the Chinese address, and just fill it in truthfully.

As shown below:

The address column can only be filled in with Pinyin of Chinese characters, and Chinese characters cannot be entered. And choose the mailing address to be the same as the permanent residence address. As shown in the figure:

Next, tax treaties. Do you want to apply for a reduction in the withholding tax rate based on a tax treaty?

We want tax exemption, of course we need to apply, the option is “Yes”, as shown in the figure

After selecting “Yes”, a sub-menu appears, check “Residents of countries/regions that have signed tax treaties with the United States”, and select China.

What are the special tax rates and conditions?

The first item (services, such as Adsense) refers to publishers and developers who use websites or apps to generate revenue. Such groups can directly choose this.

The second item (film and TV copyright tax), this category refers to authors who generate income through YouTube channels, please directly select the corresponding option. The minimum tax rate for such creators is 10%, which is not completely tax-free.

The third item (other copyright taxes) generally refers to the revenue generated by Google play app store developers and YouTube channels. Please also directly select the corresponding option.

If you want to do it once and for all, you can check the three taxes at the same time.

The picture below is an example provided by Dunang, please refer to it directly.

After the next step, confirm the preview form, as shown in the figure, and continue to the next step.

For the activities, services and affidavits carried out in the United States, this is the signing of the “guarantee”, which we sign and submit.

After submission, a small window pops up, “Missing Documents”, which is actually to verify the identity information. This is a normalized process. We only need to upload a picture of our ID card with the same name as the form.

Then submit the file and wait for review. The submission process may be slow, we wait patiently for the system to buffer.

Well, the submission is successful and verification is in progress. If it is submitted during working hours in China, the review will be delayed to non-working hours in China because of the time difference between the United States and the country.

The system has switched to the management tax information page. We wait patiently for the review. Generally, the review will be quick after 19:00pm.

If the identity information is approved, the tax information is approved, otherwise, the reason for rejection will be notified by email. The following is verified by Dunang.

If you fail to pass the review after repeated attempts, you can consult the editor to pay for the solution. We are committed to helping our friends deal with all kinds of difficult problems within our ability.

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