The latest guide to creating an AdSense account in 2022, how to open an AdSense account review

To create an AdSense account, you must first create a basic Google account. Any Google affiliated service is based on a Google account (gmail). For how to create a Google account, please refer to our previous guide

We first enter the AdSense official website, and then click [Join] in the upper right corner of the page, as shown in the figure below

At this time, you need to log in to the Google account that has been successfully created. If the account is logged in, then directly click on the account to jump to the registration page. as follows

We came to the official registration page, the first item, fill in the website you want to join AdSense, it can only be the main domain name, such as;
The second item, whether to receive the information recommended by Google AdSense, generally choose to receive it, of course, you can also not receive it, according to your own needs;
The third item is to select the country and region where the account is registered. If you are an American, please choose the United States; if you are an American but you live in Canada, then you can also choose Canada; our registration application will have Hong Kong, China as example.

Take Hong Kong as an example, as shown in the figure below. Different countries and regions have different terms of service with Google AdSense. Once we have determined the registration area, we cannot change it.

Our Google AdSense account has been generated, and the pub-id of the account will be the unique identification. We only need to complete the following two steps to enable AdSense. As shown below

In the first step, we first set the payment information (the address for receiving PIN verification), so we must fill in an accurate address in order to get in touch with you. The payee name must also be true and valid so that you can successfully receive payments from Google AdSense. The final contact number is based on your current situation to judge whether it is perfect. As shown below

After completing the payment information in the previous step, we began to deploy the ad code (as shown in the figure below), just copy the following ad code and place it on your website, and after 7-14 days of waiting, you can receive the Google AdSense review result , If your website is rich and valuable, there is no doubt that you can pass Google’s review.

Well, you’re done. Wait patiently for the audit result, as shown in the figure below

Here, we first wish you success in passing the AdSense review. If your website has just been created, unfortunately you may not be able to pass the Google review; remind you: copy, automatically rewrite and use some worthless content information on the Internet. You will not be approved by AdSense.

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