[Your site isn’t ready to show ads]We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet.

Hello everyone, this is AdSense Encyclopedia en.ggadsense.com, with the domestic Internet in-roll, more and more old people and newcomers want to try to go abroad to dig gold.

When we apply to open google adsense, we often face various rejection problems. Whenever we see the reasons for rejection given by Google, it makes us confused.

Today I will explain to you the real reasons for the various reasons for rejection.

adsense common reasons for rejection one: low-value content, as follows.

Low-value content is often because your website content is not enough, the website content east a hammer west a stick, east and west patchwork; and no sticky sticky. So Google thinks your website content has no value to speak of, and therefore will not pass your application to join.

adsense common rejection reason two: we do not allow the display of Google ads in the following characteristics of the screen: (the following chart)

We do not allow ads placed by Google to be displayed on screens that

contain embedded content, or content copied from others, without adding commentary or curated text, and without otherwise adding value to that content. In addition, you must comply with our policy regarding misuse of intellectual property.

(This reason for rejection actually refers to plagiarized content, duplicate Internet content. Google supports content similar to the second edit of the oil pipe, but if the content is directly copied from the Internet, then it will appear as such and will not pass the review)

adsense common rejection reason three: the site has been offline or inaccessible

We found that your website is offline or inaccessible. We recommend that you check the URL submitted in your application for spelling errors. You can resubmit your application when your site is back up and running. We will be happy to review your application again.

(Many friends appear this rejection prompt, obviously the site can be accessed, can be repeatedly submitted, Google each time to give only one reason for rejection: the site has been offline or inaccessible; generally because Google’s audit crawler can not access your site, so it will prompt access to inaccessible. Often this prompt site, the content is often not a major problem. (As long as the solution to the “site has been offline or inaccessible” is generally can successfully pass the adsense audit.)

adsense common reasons for rejection four: in does not contain the publisher’s content on the screen display Google put ads, we do not allow in the following characteristics of the screen display Google put ads.

no content or contain low-value content.
Are still under construction.
Used for alerting, navigation or other behavioral purposes.

This alert means that your website has no content, and is generally common for websites that have been newly built for a short time. Or the site has been under construction for a long time but does not have sufficient and valuable content, see Question 1: No valuable content.

The above are the 4 common reasons for Google AdSense rejection and analysis answers, as long as you are serious about your website, and accumulate enough, then your website will always pass Google’s audit. It is very difficult to join Adsense successfully in 2022 by holding the way of taking shortcuts.

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