Opinions on the error codes [OR-BAIH-01] and [OR-IEH-02] when adding the bank account recently in Google

In 2020, when a small number of people added a P card or pingpong payment account in the adsense background, the system displayed “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-02]”

When we add a virtual receiving bank account, we can only choose a small payment test. After clicking on the verification, an error code will appear.

We thought we would submit it successfully after clicking the verification, but we did not expect an unexpected error to occur. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-02] Intercept.

After repeated attempts, the error code 02 will still be displayed. If the type of the beneficiary account is changed to a checking account, the error code [OR-BAIH-01] will be reported.

The editor Dunang (en.ggadsense.com) speculates that at least 40% of new accounts currently have error codes 01 or 02 when adding payment methods and are intercepted by the system, failing to successfully submit the payment information to the Google system. Next Let’s speculate what may be the cause of the problem.

We have recently received inquiries from many netizens asking whether this problem can be solved and how to solve it. The Adsense official forum (community) currently has many requests for help regarding this type of error information. I think this may not be accidental. Ninety percent of Google users are unable to directly contact Google employees who can handle such issues. Many people are frustrated by this new problem. As we all know, every large enterprise has many different departments. The payment settlement in Adsense is processed by Google’s payment finance department through “google pay”. The payment information we added will be submitted to the google pay system, and it can be successfully added after the feedback is OK. So the current problem is not in the Adsense business system.

According to my research, in 2020, Google upgraded the most stringent risk control strategy in history, greatly increasing the difficulty of operation, and a little carelessness may cause account problems.

Google pay belongs to the financial department of Google, and naturally various measures are quite strict. As a large number of accounts have been abused and violated in recent years, most of the registration and login environments on the market have been polluted. For some reasons, we cannot directly use the real network environment to manage and maintain our Google account and business. We can only use the “scientific method”, so this may be the key to the problem. Can we use online banking (mobile banking) and log in to the Alipay app in the virtual machine and agent environment? Especially the ones that have been contaminated.

At present, not everyone has such problems, whether it is Google’s normal handling or Google’s BUG, ​​we can only wait patiently for the verification of time.

At present, you can submit your identification information to a system of google play to prove that the account is in normal use and is not abusive or illegal.

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