Can I use other identities to pay taxes after real-name verification of Google adsense play developer accounts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan?

The problem with Google Authentication is not new. It turned out that when we passed the US tax, we submitted the document information consistent with the account identity for verification;

If the authentication information of the foreign adsense, admob, and google play accounts is not my own, I cannot file tax returns with the verified documents. Is there any other way? Can I apply for a reduced tax rate?

The answer is yes. In theory, the tax form information must be checked with the same real-name authentication certificate. In addition, it is also necessary to use the country’s identity verification to file tax returns, such as the use of a US green card and passport verification for US accounts. In theory, US identity must be used to file tax returns, and there will be a high tax rate.

According to our research, accounts that have completed real-name authentication (identity verification) in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries can also use Chinese identity to declare US tax information, and still pass. Can enjoy preferential tax rate according to normal Chinese tax strategy

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