In 2022, it is easy to receive adsense PIN codes in China, and small and medium players no longer need to detour to US and Hong Kong accounts.

Hello everyone, here is the adsense encyclopedia, in the previous article we mentioned how to get your Google adsense account in mainland China accurate and fast PIN code.

Just recently, we received the same PIN again, about a month later. It is conceivable that the probability of successful receipt is similar to that of express delivery. The point is to follow the tutorial to leave the contact information so that the postal courier can contact you accurately. Since we have verified the PIN code issued the first time, the PIN code received the second time does not need to be turned on for verification, so it should be kept as a souvenir.

In the past, the reason why it was difficult to receive a PIN in our country was that no one thought to leave a contact number, enter an accurate and detailed address, so even if the PIN arrived at the location, the postman could not deliver it.

Is the Google Adsense PIN mailed from the US? From which country is the Adsense PIN issued?

PIN codes in different regions are produced and sent by different countries; in China, we can see from the English line in the upper right corner of the PIN code that they are sent from Malaysia.

Therefore, the PIN code of the Google Adsense account in China was mailed from Malaysia.

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