Analysis and troubleshooting of error codes [OR-BAIH-01] and [OR-IEH-02] when google adsense/admob and developers add payment methods

Since the first half of the year, some new accounts have been unsuccessful in adding payment methods ( pingpong). Most of my friends are helpless and have a headache. Today, Xiaobian mumbles to give you an analysis of how such problems occur.

We mentioned [ How to identify the security of adsense account ] in the previous article. This article intuitively reveals some signals about account risk control. At present, most of the Google accounts that cannot be bound to the payment information are new accounts, so is this “fault” a comprehensive “fault problem”?

I can tell you with certainty: at present, the accounts that cannot be bound to payment information are only some new accounts (about 40%), not all new accounts cannot be bound. Since we are doing google services, we can A more comprehensive analysis of the fault range and group information.

Is it possible to add binding payment information at will if the old account has been bound with successful payment information and has a history of payment?

I still want to tell you about this question: We mentioned in the previous article [ How to identify the security of adsense accounts ], and there are some simple identification and explanations of the old accounts. The information we get is that some of the old accounts that are used normally cannot Add binding payment information, so Google’s risk control “restriction” is not just for new accounts. It is only because most of the old accounts have been bound with payment information before the latest risk control measures were introduced, so they have not been officially affected.

As mentioned earlier, the newly approved adsense will not have any problems when it leaves the factory, and it is absolutely safe. Why is it that someone has been approved by the latest approval, but still cannot bind the payment information?

I think in your case, you should first collect the PIN, then complete the tax and other information, and finally bind the payment information, right? For the new account, we recommend that you wait for the account balance to reach 10 US dollars first, bind the payment information first, and then collect the PIN and pay the tax. Because the payment address (receiving PIN address), tax information, and payment method are all implicated in google pay. Simply put, these three pieces of information are related to google pay. The receipt of PIN and tax information can be guaranteed 100%. Card binding is the only thorny problem at present, so it is best for us to hand over the first time to the binding card.

So is it foolproof as long as it is the latest approved adsense account?

Adsense is foolproof at the moment of leaving the factory, but as you may change various information and change the login device and environment later (the reliability of the login IP and environment cannot be guaranteed), there may still be a problem that the card cannot be bound. Because every information and detail in the google account may cause risk control, mobile phone number, auxiliary email, login IP, address, these are the fuses that may cause problems, and the specific avoidance depends on your actual situation.

The last question, after paying to view this article, can I get more effective guidance or solution to this problem?

This article is based on the conclusions I have drawn from a multi-angle perspective and based on my own thinking. It may be able to help you eliminate difficulties. It is recommended to self-check and analyze to solve or avoid problems. We do not accept any voluntary consulting services for this problem, such as To directly address this issue, please refer to

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