What kind of adsense account is the safest? How to identify adsense account security

Today, Xiaobian is muttering to tell you about the issue of account security, and what kind of adsense account can ensure that it is not associated.

In the past, when we purchased adsense accounts , we often encountered situations such as account insecurity (association problems) resulting in unreasonable bans, etc.

With the passage of time, after 2021, the associated account will not be approved at all, and the difficulty of adsense approval is unprecedented.

It is also a new account with no record of receipt and use. Which account is approved in 2020 or an account approved in 2021?

I can tell you for sure: Accounts approved after 2021 are more secure, because currently approved accounts are reviewed in accordance with the latest risk control policies.

Google’s risk control and technology will not stay in 2020 or 2010 forever, so when we buy a new account, it is best to choose an account with a newer date.

As shown above:

We can clearly see the account’s approval email record, the rejection status record, and the approval record. Each audit date is clearly recorded, and there is no status of any unknown information.

What should I do if the purchased account cannot check the approval time through email (there is no email)?

In this case, your seller or the previous owner has manually cleaned up the email records. In the past year, the adsense account used by the website has been approved by a clear email. If there is no email audit record, you have to consider it yourself.

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