Will AdSense PIN still be received in 2022? How to receive the Google PIN code in China, is there any phone notification or tracking number inquiry?

In the past ten years, the inability to receive the Google AdSense PIN code has been a headache, which has led many friends to turn to Adsense accounts in the United States, Hong Kong or other overseas countries. The reason is inconvenient to elaborate here. Today, the AdSense Encyclopedia will give you the latest information on how to receive the PIN of Google AdSense/Admob in China.

The place where Xiaobian mumbles is inland Hubei Province, a “small mountain village” on the 18th line. In the past, even EMS was lost. I remember that I didn’t receive the tickets mailed to me by the Beijing Railway Station Master Conference in the early years. At that time, there was an EMS tracking number.

After our account reaches 10 USD, the AdSense system will automatically send an international ordinary letter (PIN code verification code) to our payment address . It usually takes about 30 days to receive in most areas in China, so when we send the PIN for the first time 21 days after the code date, it is best to manually apply for sending a PIN code , this is to prevent the previous mailing from not receiving the PIN.

The PIN code belongs to international ordinary mail (surface mail), and there is no telephone notification. How can we make it (postal) phone call to us?

Fill in the address information according to the following scheme, and there is a high probability that you will be notified by phone.

As shown below:

Image source (www.zcot.cn; en.ggadsense.com)

Fill in according to the example in the picture above. The PIN code sent by mail will have your contact phone number printed. If there is no PO Box where you live, you will be notified by phone when you arrive. Where there is a mailbox, it may not be notified by phone. At present, the information is filled in this way, and it can be received in most parts of the country. It may be difficult to receive in a few areas. Whether it is a big city, a general city, or a county. At present, it can be received, as long as the posture is correct.

Because the phone was not around, the postman auntie called and didn’t answer. I called and she said it was an overseas mail, and I knew it was the PIN code. Then she said she would have a holiday and the delivery would take two days. I asked if I could pick it up. The aunt replied yes, she said the mail was in her bag.

I made an appointment with the postal auntie, and she specially sent it to me by bicycle. It is really rare to meet such a responsible and conscientious auntie in this year. Even the courier will not specially send it to you by bike. Auntie lives in a village near the city, so most people don’t want to ask for this trouble!

It took less than a month from when the PIN was first sent on December 16, 2021, to when the postman called. Received the call on January 14, 2022, which is pretty fast.

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