Why has Google adsense so few K numbers in recent years, is Google kindness or the skills of partners have improved?

Foreword: Most of the senior Google monetizers should have experienced some severe pains in Google’s massacre. In terms of punishment, Americans have learned the ancient Chinese style very well, “involving the nine tribes” and “chopping the whole family”.

Google Adsense’s policy is not to allow a person to have multiple approved adsense accounts. You must know that all veterans and masters have evolved from rookies. They often like to violate the rules or take shortcuts when they are just getting started. It is unavoidable to be punished by Google for K number, and after being dropped by K, will you wash your hands of the golden pot from now on?

I think 98% of people have to say NO to Google’s K penalty!

After the adsense was deleted, most of them continued to grow and thrive, but have we considered that all the killed accounts were caused by their own mistakes and violations? Is there any possibility of innocent being implicated?

First of all, we all know that Google is one of the top Internet companies in the world, and its technology is also first-class. The “big data technology” that is “proud” in China has been blown for a few years. Don’t people have these basic things? Whether it is an account owned by the same person, in fact, big data technology can easily distinguish it automatically.

It does not necessarily mean that different names, addresses, payment information, different login environments and ips can definitely prevent Google’s account association and identification. Many times, it is judged through multiple dimensions, not simply through the above basic information. to judge;

It can be said that in the past ten years, at least about 30-40% of K-numbers have been innocently implicated. In the past, every large-scale K-numbers were basically made into pieces and could not be stopped at all.

Since adsense was upgraded and started to limit the display of invalid traffic ads two years ago, the butcher’s knife has obviously not been as powerful as before. One is that invalid traffic is blocked by Google, and the other is because of the improvement in the approval of linked accounts, but There are still people who get k-numbered for no reason. Some people have not activated their accounts for several months, open them and read: “The account has been disabled…” Then they will open the email without giving up, “Your adsense account has been disabled” , and some unlucky ones don’t even have an email.

Fortunately, google is constantly running and upgrading. Since November 2020, there is basically no possibility that the successfully approved adsense will be related. Due to the exclusiveness of the idea, we cannot disclose too many details to you. , and also cannot accept inquiries of such questions, thank you for your understanding.

Does the approved adsense will no longer lead to association?

This is only “factory” and has no relationship, and does not rule out the relationship caused by the later maintenance and use process, so we still need to take precautions at all times.

For more than half a year, most of them are only punished because of invalid traffic, which leads to restricted display of advertisements. Generally, this kind of invalid traffic activity will not lead to K number, so now K number is rare.

Since there is no K number now, can you operate it casually?

NO! You may think too much. Now the threshold has reached the highest level in history. The reason for the absence of K number is that the accounts with associated risks mentioned above will not appear again. The players who are currently running normally on the track are basically experts. , the basics of opportunistic and illegal operations were also mostly eliminated, which is one of the reasons why the K number did not appear.

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