What if admob/adsense is limited in the number of ads you can display due to "invalid traffic", is there a solution?

The principle of the admob developer account is the same as that of the adsense website account. The following articles are published in the Adsense website version. for reference only

Mumble in the earlier article https://www.ggadsense.com/news/shownews.php?id=54 mentioned the problem of invalid traffic limit and recovery plan;

After two years of development, this solution is no longer 100% effective. Sometimes we remove the ad code for 2 months and still do not restore the display of the ad, or resume the display of the ad within a week and continue to limit it. At this time, we often think of changing an account again, yes! It’s good to re-register an account, but if you are a regular business and want to continue advertising with the original domain name (app), can you also change your account?

The answer is yes. As shown below:

Our marketing website ads big alliance en.ggadsense.com (admob developer application and domain name are the same), in the previous A account account has been repeatedly restricted advertising, repeatedly prompted invalid traffic.

After much thinking, we removed the website (en.ggadsense.com) from the original account (admob developer application is the same as the domain name), and then re-registered the B account. After the B account passed the review of en.ggadsense.com, the ads were displayed normally. , is not restricted for the time being. As shown below:

If you think my sharing is not bad, you can try it.

Emphasize one point! You have removed the restricted website from the A account, and I cannot guarantee whether you can successfully use the website to register the B account; I will not guarantee or explain whether the B account will be associated with the A account after the successful registration of the B account with this website! We do not bear all the consequences of trying this program, and the above programs are for reference only! At the same time, we do not make any obligatory answer to any netizen.

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