Can U.S. and U.K. accounts still be used after the new adsense/admob/play developer identity verification (real-name) policy?

Around June 2021, Google launched a real-name authentication process in local and closely related western countries. This policy is mainly implemented in Google play developers, AdSense/Admob and other accounts. In the first few months, Google only piloted this policy between a small number of new accounts and old ones.

By 2022, Google Adsense will gradually fully implement the pace of identity verification (real-name authentication). It is expected that accounts in all relevant countries will be placed in place during the year.

The impact of the new policy of adsense authentication (real-name authentication)?

It turned out that we only need to pass the registration and review to use the US account – pass the PIN (collection) – bind the card (bind the virtual card collection account) – pay automatically after the full $100;

In 2021, there will be one more US tax information, you can learn about the Adsense US tax situation by checking our previous content.

After the new policy of identity verification, in addition to submitting tax information, we also need to conduct real-name authentication of US documents.

This verification is useless to upload any documents in our country, unless the US visa corresponding to the Chinese passport + passport can be authenticated (this is also the only formal and legal way for Chinese to verify the US identity information), if you do not have a passport and the US Visa, then only find a way to use the US identity to verify.

With one more adsense authentication procedure, is it impossible to use the US adsense account?

Of course not, in addition to solving tax problems, verifying US information is also a matter of magic. Offshore collection is currently relatively convenient in the United States. If the monthly income is not much, you can choose an account in China. If the income is more, the United States is still a good choice.

Can I still receive money in the wrong name after verifying my identity? Do I have to verify my identity to receive payment?

At present, Google Adsense can still receive money by wrong name, and you don’t need payment information to collect money yourself; even a personal account in China can use the company’s public account to receive Google Adsense wire transfers, not to mention American accounts.

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