Can the adsense pin code have a logistics tracking number to check? What courier sent it? Can I upload authentication if I can't receive the pin?

Is the adsense pin code sent by postal EMS? Or for China Post registered mail? I want to know the shipping status of my pin code, what should I do if the adsense pin code has not been received? Adsense can’t receive the authentication code?

A: The google adsense pin verification code is international ordinary mail, so EMS or registered mail will not be used, so the shipping status sent out is naturally impossible to check. It is recommended to confirm whether your local can successfully receive postal ordinary mail before receiving the PIN code. , because ordinary postal mail will be lost (unreceived) in many places, this has nothing to do with Google, it depends on your local postal system, if your address can receive ordinary ordinary mail, then adsense PIN code should also be can be successfully received;

All the times of sending PINs have been used up. I want to pass the identity verification, but I can’t find the entrance to upload the identity verification. Can I still authenticate?

A: Since the end of 2019, Google has adjusted the countries and regions that can be authenticated. Only accounts in China and Taiwan can use the PIN method for authentication.

At present, the authentication entrance is no longer directly displayed in the account, please explore it yourself

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