Can google adsense still do it in the future? In addition to H5 game purchase arbitrage, is there any other way to do adsense project?

This is the adsense encyclopedia. In my previous article, after 2022, will Google Adsense’s requirements for website content quality, navigation, plagiarism collection, and volume arbitrage still work? I mentioned some of the latest content requirements of adsense. Today I mainly talk about whether adsense can still do it in the years after 2022.

We all know that in many industries (big industrial chains), it is always easy for people who just started to make money, but later on, when more people know about it and the development is booming, it becomes more and more difficult to do (and a large number of people will be eliminated).

This is true of everything, and adsense is no exception. But adsense really can not do it? In addition to H5 web game purchase volume arbitrage, are there other long-term methods?

Why does this article repeatedly mention H5 web game arbitrage?

The reason is very simple, because only H5 is the most suitable for short-term results in the current guide and purchase methods. To put it bluntly, it is the “burst” mode.

Only by importing game traffic from other platforms into the H5 game website, and then applying for adsense exclusive game support ads (so that the revenue effect will increase), and only this mode of play, it is possible to earn some money by buying easily. This is a simple and rough game The mode in which the money comes in is faster.

In fact, in addition to H5 game purchases, adsense can still go long-term, which is more stable and less costly than short-term purchases.

Of course, most of the current adsense H5 gameplay is to cooperate with the traffic mining team to share the adsense revenue effect. The biggest advantage of this is that the adsense operator has almost no risk and cost. You only need to create an account and simple operation. Once the account is banned or the revenue is greatly reduced due to Google, the traffic provider will lose money.

Next, we will focus on the long-term gameplay of adsense and the reasons why adsense can continue to do so far (paid reading)

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