YouTube channel blocked: Your relevant AdSense account has been deactivated due to invalid click activity or other policy reasons, what’s going on?

Hello, this is the AdSense Encyclopedia, and this issue continues to bring you a little bit of dry content.
We all know that it is not easy to operate a YouTube channel from the initial stage of creation to a profitable and revenue-generating state.
Does a qualified YouTube channel have no worries after meeting various content specifications? The answer is that there are always problems.
Many times a small detail can lead to the channel we have worked so hard for months or even years to be invalidated, and the account’s untold profit balance is also lost.

(YouTube channel associated with adsense blocked will prompt: your associated adsense account has been deactivated due to invalid click activity or other policy reasons)

Trap 1:
We all know that the oil pipe channel to generate revenue is not supported by the account of the Chinese region, so many friends in the choice to register adsense account will enter a misunderstanding, will think that adsense account can not choose the Chinese region (in reality, you can choose China), and choose to register the account of foreign regions (outside mainland China), must go through the process of PIN code verification, and we Most of the creators are in the domestic area, this time you must choose the overseas collection PIN code, unless you have enough trust in the overseas people to provide you with a fixed address to collect PIN code, otherwise it will be possible because the collection PIN code address leads to the collection adsense account is associated, which leads to inexplicable blocking, once the binding of profitable adsense account is deactivated and blocked, then you not only lose the account without payment. Then you will not only lose some money that was not paid on your account, but also your profitable channel will be terminated, and it is not impossible to re-bind adsense to open profitable. At this time, you can only rebuild your channel again or accept to be slaughtered by some mcn agencies.
The security risk of collecting PIN codes on behalf of us has been mentioned many times before, whether it is a treasure, or a channel. Those professional collection people will not an address only give you a collection PIN code, they will also help many people to collect PIN code, perhaps they will say an address only once, but this actual only they know in their hearts, and we must experience a painful lesson to understand. Google adsense policy only allows a person to have an account, even if your channel and adsense account does not have any violations, but with your same collection address (mailing address) of other accounts have violations, once the other party is blocked, then your adsense account will also be blocked for no reason, this blocking penalty is unable to appeal success, from ancient times to the present online no There are no successful cases of adsense unblocked. (adsense

Trap two.
We are not able to access the oil pipe directly, so we will use all kinds of various ways, many people may buy some popular tools (here we are not convenient to describe).
The same ip address, others are using, you are also using, or even many individuals are using. This principle is somewhat similar to the principle of collecting PIN codes on behalf of others, which we also talked about in the last video
The reason why many people can’t pass the second step of channel generation and collection is because of these. But any contamination of your profile or surfing environment will invariably affect the security of your account.
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