YouTube channel profit can not be opened, create AdSense has been rejected prompting existing accounts or violate the norms of cooperation, YouTube profit step two rejection reasons and solutions

Many times, it’s clear that your video content is tens or hundreds of thousands of views in China, and that it meets the profitability requirements in China with Bajia, Jitterbug, Racer, bilibili, etc.

Coming to (Youtube) well above 1000 followers and up to 4000 hours of play, at this point we thought everything was ready and thought for sure we could join the oil tube videos to make $$$! We never thought that we would be rejected by the platform for some unexplained reasons. According to the analysis of AdSense encyclopedia, most friends are rejected because of the problem of Google adsense account creation, because of various reasons, many people in the oil pipe profit to open the second step google adsense registration problem is difficult, either is not given the reason for rejection, has been such a cycle; or is prompted may already have an account.

It’s obviously a new user, never signed up for an adsense account, and it’s the first time I’ve used a Google account, so why does it repeatedly keep prompting me that I already have an adsense account?
The hard-working channel content just never gives over the profit-making feature.

Knock on the blackboard! If you are troubled by any of the above issues. Feel free to contact us, we have contact information on the right side and bottom of the website. The price is $130 to help you solve your problem, and the paypal transaction is safe and secure.

After our paid assistance, step 2 will pass quickly. Then wait for the final review of the third profitable step, as follows:

How long will it take for the third step to be reviewed for final profitability?

A: If your video content has no copyright or other principle issues, it will basically be reviewed and approved within 48 hours, and most will be approved within 24 hours (the above data are historical real cases).

Here are some official explanations from the Oil Tube Youtube about the video profitability not passing, just for reference.

Why was my revenue generation request rejected?

If your application is rejected, it means that a human reviewer has determined that a large portion of your channel does not comply with the policies and guidelines. To learn more about the next steps, see the other questions in this article.

Can I apply again?

Yes. You can reapply 30 days after receiving the email about the rejected application. Before reapplying, you will need to resolve some issues with your channel.

How can I make my application more likely to be accepted?

We cannot promise that you will be allowed to enable revenue-generating features once you have fixed the problems with your channel. However, you can refer to the following general guidelines to make your channel compliant with the program.

If you reapply to generate revenue, the review team will carefully review your content again and notify you via email at the end of the process (which takes about a month). You can also check the status of your application on the “Revenue Generation” page.

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