Which country account for Google Adsense is the easiest to receive pin? Which countries in the United States/China/UK/Hong Kong are better than Pin

One of the most troublesome things about doing adsense is receiving PINs. Which country’s account is easier to pass the PIN?

Let’s talk about it below. Generally, the fastest country to receive pins is the United Kingdom. It can be received within 3-5 days after the pin code is issued, and the probability of successful receipt is about 85%;

The second is Google’s home base in the United States. You can receive the pin within 5-7 days after sending the pin, and the probability of successful receipt is about 70%; then Hong Kong, Hong Kong generally takes about 20 days.

The probability of successful receipt is about 50%, and the most difficult is our Chinese account. If it can be received smoothly, usually about a month, there is an 80% chance of not receiving it. However, if the Chinese account cannot be received, you can use your identity. The verification method, this method is 100% passable, please refer to our earlier articles for details

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