What kind of Adsense account is the safest to buy? How to distinguish the security of adsense account?

Today, the editor Dunang will teach you how to identify account security issues and what kind of adsense account can be guaranteed to be unlinked.

In the past, when we purchased an adsense account, we often encountered situations such as account insecurity (linked issues) that caused the account to be banned, etc.

With the passage of time, after 2021, the linked account will not be approved at all, and the difficulty of approving adsense account is unprecedentedly increased.

Two new accounts that have no record of receiving payments, which one is safe for the account approved in 2020 and the account approved in 2021?

I can tell you with certainty: the accounts approved after 2021 are more secure, because the accounts currently approved are reviewed in accordance with the current latest risk control policy of Google.

The level of Google’s risk control and technology will not stay in 2020 or 2010 forever, so when we buy a new account, it’s best to choose an account with a newer date.

There are rejection status emails and approval emails. As shown above, we can clearly see the account rejection email record.These emails clearly record the review date and there is no unknown information.

What should I do if the purchased account can’t be checked by email (no email)?

In this case, your seller manually cleaned up the email records. The adsense account approvals used on the website in the past year have been clearly notified by email. If there is no email review record, you have to consider it.

As shown above, when we purchase the Adsense account used by the website, it is recommended to check the emails, check whether the sender, time, and domain name of the website displayed in the email are consistent with the backend, and whether the seller has transferred the ownership of the consistent website domain name to you.

Right now, a qualified Adsense account is not cheap. Because we spent money to buy it, we must check it carefully to prevent our hard-earned money from wasting.

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