What is Google Adsense? How to use Google Advertising Alliance? Can novices make money with Adsense?

Hi, this is Dunang. When I provide google services, I found that many novices also want to enter the google monetization industry to get a slice of pie. They urgently want to figure out what kind of monetization method Aadsense is. Today, I will explain all of these questions for you.

Adsense, full name is google adsense, also known as Google Advertising Alliance. [official website www.google.com/adsense]. Most of the ads of Google are distributed on the Adsense. Adsense’s upstream is the google adwords advertising platform. Google’s main revenue is advertising revenue, and Adwords accounts for most of Google’s global revenue. Advertisers recharge on Adwords and place ads. Then ads is distributed to various media channels by Adsense.
Therefore, it will generate a certain percentage of revenue share. For example, an advertiser sets the cost as $1 for a click on an advertisement he publishes, the Adsense gives us a share of 68%. This means when the advertisement is clicked by a visitor on our website/channel, we can get $0.68 for advertising revenue. Accumulating to $100 US and completing the relevant program settings, Adsense will automatically pay us for the advertising promotion.
To earn money, the first step is to create our own website, channel, blog or app. Using Adsense to make a profit with US dollars, currently Adsense is one of the most important ways for global ads monetization.

Question: I don’t know how to build a website, can I join adsense to make money?

Answer: Yes, you can publish original videos through other Google platforms (Youtube) and connect to adsense to make a profit.

Question: Is it difficult for novices to build a website?

Answer: It can be solved. Directly purchasing the domain name and server and using commonly used website building program (site building template), you can build a website through these. Then you can publish articles just like publishing twitter.
When the content meets the quality that google required, you can apply for adsense.

Question: Can adsense automatically hang up and make money?

Answer: No. Anyone who sells tutorials or project for a fee may be fraud, please don’t believe it. We must know that there is no free lunch in the world. Isn’t it better to master core skills to make a lot of money than the small money getting from selling courses? We can explore and learn by ourselves through Google and other channels. As long as there is firm perseverance, there is nothing you can’t learn well.

For more adsense FAQs, please visit adsense FAQ http://en.ggadsense.com/index.php/category/adsense-faq/.

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