What is Google adsense? How does Google Ad Network work? Can a novice learn adsense?

In the process of doing google services, Dumu found that many newcomers also want to enter the google monetization industry to get a share of the pie. They really want to know what kind of monetization method adsense is.

Today, I will explain to newcomers and friends that the full name of adsense (google adsense) is also known as the Google Advertising Alliance, [official website www.google.com/adsense]. Most of the global advertising of Google in the United States is distributed on the adsense platform. It ( The upstream of adsense) is the google adwords advertising platform. Google’s main revenue is advertising revenue, and adwords accounts for most of Google’s global revenue. Advertisers recharge fees in adwords, place ads, and then distribute them to various media channels by adsense. (And generate a certain percentage of the share, for example, an advertiser sets the cost of one click on an advertisement he publishes to be $1, and the share ratio that adsense gives us is 60%, then the advertisement is clicked once by a visitor on our website , we can get 0.6 US dollars in revenue, after the advertising revenue is accumulated to 100 US dollars and the relevant program settings are improved, adsense will automatically pay us the settlement advertising promotion fee), we only need to have our own website, blog, or app. Use adsense to make profits and earn dollars. Currently, overseas traffic is one of the most important ways to monetize adsense;

I don’t know how to build a website, can I apply for adsense to make money?

The answer is yes, you can publish original videos through other platforms of Google (youtube), and then associate adsense for profit;

Is it difficult for a novice to build a website?

Answer, it is not difficult. Existing website building generally involves directly purchasing domain names and cloud hosts, and using the more commonly used website building programs (site building templates), you can publish articles just like posting on QQ space.

When the content reaches a certain quality, you can apply for adsense.

Can adsense automatically hang up to make money?

A, no, as long as anyone who promotes this kind of “project” is suspected of being a liar, please don’t believe it,

Anyone who sells tutorials and projects for a fee is suspected of fraud. Don’t believe it. You must know that there is no free lunch in the world, and there is no living Lei Feng. Is it bad for others to make a fortune in silence? Going to teach others to make money for a little money? Both Baidu and Google can explore and learn by themselves. As long as there is firm perseverance, there is nothing that cannot be learned.

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