Valuable advertising resources for google adsense registration and rejection reasons: too little content

Please fix the issues we found before we can continue linking your site.

We found a violation on and your site will not be approved for this:

Valuable inventory: too little content

It is important for sites that display AdSense ads to make a real difference to users by providing distinctive and relevant content, rather than placing ads on automatically generated pages or pages with little or no original content. This includes, but is not limited to:

Copy parts of text from other sources

Sites that specifically embed videos from other hosting sites

Website content is unclear, doesn’t make sense, or appears to be auto-generated

Template or pre-built sites that serve duplicate content to users

For more information, review the AdSense policies, this help article on plagiarism, and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

For more information, please review the Content Policy or visit the Help Center. After fixing the violation, you can request a review of your site.

Now let’s talk about the reason for this rejection. The prompt content is too small, usually because there are few links and content in the URL of the site. Generally, we increase the number of pages on the website and improve the quality of the content. In most cases, it is possible to audited

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