Use google admob/adsense to make dollars to avoid the risk of ad blocking

Today, I will tell you what risks are very necessary to know, and senior people can skip it. . .

Google Adsense/Admob (Google Advertising Alliance) is an advertising distribution platform of Google for the global online market. Due to different laws and regulations in different countries and regions, as Chinese citizens, we operate business related to American companies in China. , First of all, we must fully abide by the relevant laws and regulations of China, and of course the relevant laws of the United States also need to be complied with (otherwise Google may punish us or even ban us), so that we will not be able to use Google’s platform to make US knives, so let’s talk about Say the point.

Advertisements for circumvention software such as VPN are illegal in our country, but they are legal on the Google advertising platform. With the upgrade of China’s Internet control terms, if such illegal advertisements appear on our products or websites, it is equivalent to We are promoting illegal websites or software, which is a risk that cannot be ignored. Today I will show you how to block such illegal advertisements.

First, in the left menu bar of admob (adsense is the same), block the control function,

Then enter the ad review center,

After entering the advertisement viewing center, you will find that there will be advertisements for software such as overturning the wall displayed in front of you. At this time, we click the shield button in the lower left corner of the advertisement.

After operating the blocking in turn, we come to the blocked category, and we can see all the advertisements that have been reviewed and blocked (of course, these blocked advertisements will not be displayed on our website or app, and of course, new advertisements will not be excluded.), Therefore, it is very necessary for us to review these advertisements in a timely manner.

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