Take a look at how much money YouTuber oil tube broadcasters can earn?

In recent years, more and more young people no longer tend to find a “stable” job, to a company to work for others, but want to build their own IP as a “net celebrity”.
On the oil tube, this new profession of Youtuber has also started to emerge in recent years, which is also commonly known as blogger. Many of them have hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of fans, and their daily work is to post videos on their personal pages to get views and thus get paid well.
Even in the country is already the top flow of major platforms KOL-papi sauce, Li Ziqi also in the oil tube has its own page, do up YouTuber, so I can not help but wonder how much money YouTuber bloggers can earn?
Let’s take a look at how YouTube makes money?
YouTube platform advertising revenue, mainly from the opening of Google Adsense (Google AdWords), some people have statistics, about $18 per thousand plays income, assuming a video 100,000 plays, then at least $1800 income, but the burst video more than millions of plays, so the income is very substantial.
Next look at how much money YouTubers can earn?
There are 4 main stages.
What can be gained in the early stage of channel establishment?
How much can a moderately successful channel earn?
What does it mean when you reach 1,000,000 subscribers?
How much can a YouTube superstar earn?

  1. What can be gained in the early stage of channel?
    When you put your first video on YouTube, it is unlikely to earn income. Because you are just posting a video of one, you are far from becoming a KOL.
    But everyone has to start from 0. Even a top star like PewDiePie was unknown when he uploaded his first video in 2010, and even in the beginning, he was making Niche videos in Swedish.
    When you start using YouTube, you can sign up for an Adsense account and enable the channel’s earning plan feature from the moment you create a YouTube channel.
    At the same time, you should be aware that you cannot make big money unless you can increase the number of visitors to your website, and that the people who watch the videos have to come from real visitors, and buying fake traffic is not advisable.
    Although some ads are billed at CPM (cost per thousand views), most ads are still CPC (cost per thousand clicks) billed. If you want to get revenue from a CPC ad, you have to get the viewer to click on that ad. In reality, only a small percentage of viewers will click on the ads around the video.

And there is more to CPM advertising in video playback than simply counting ads as they are viewed.
So under what circumstances does viewing an ad generate revenue?
The viewer has to watch the ad for at least 30 seconds (for very short videos, half of the ad must be watched). Imagine how many people skip the ad at the beginning of the video, so the channel loses the opportunity to get paid for the ad.
If the viewer clicks or watches your ad for the required amount of time, you will get ad revenue from YouTube. But you can earn revenue only if your AdSense account has accumulated $100 revenue.
In the early stage of channel creation, you should be clear that you are building a brand and not just making money.

If you choose a popular topic and add membership marketing, you may be able to earn revenue from a relatively small number of subscribers. For example, if you review a popular product in a video and have a link that jumps to the landing page for that product, then you can start earning that way.
Of course, some Niche markets are easier to make money on than others, and if you hope to one day support yourself on the earnings of your channel, you need to have created a channel that generates interest that will allow you to make money.
Probably the easiest Niche market to make money on is gaming. Gaming itself is a huge industry and many gamers are dirt cheap and can afford to go for kryptonite.

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