One thought on “Please tell me how to connect Tistory to Adsense connected to YouTube

  1. Adsense One products include Blog/Website = AdSense Content Ads, AdSense App Ads = Admob and AdSense for YouTube = YPP.

    If you are an individual, you can only operate one AdSense account, so you can use YouTube or Tistory one.

    If you see the “Sites” menu in your AdSense account, try to add a site there. If you don’t see it, check the login path or add a website from the main AdSense account screen or the official AdSense website.

    * The subscription path is basically different from blogs and YouTube, when there is an integrated display (displayed account) and when there is no integrated display.

    Please note that you cannot create another AdSense account. If you have to connect/add to an existing account, or if it is a duplicate AdSense account, it will violate the policy.

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