[Newcomers must see] Google admob detailed registration guide, app application access admob opening tutorial

Google admob is currently a relatively mainstream app advertising monetization method. This article is mainly aimed at newcomers who are just getting started;

We first need to register a google account, which is gmail, and then enter the official website of admob https://admob.google.com/home/

Click Register in the upper right corner, log in to the account we prepared in advance, select the registration area, generally choose China, the United States, Hong Kong, etc., depending on which country you are convenient to receive payment,

By the way, you must also select the settlement currency and time zone of ads, as shown below:

Check to read the terms of the agreement and click to create an admob account

Then there are some personalized customizations. It is generally recommended to choose Yes, of course, you can choose No, it does not affect

Enter the admob account page, click Payment – Set Payment in the left menu bar, and follow the prompts

Because the country belongs to the front, we have already set it up and cannot be changed. We only need to set the nature of the account here, individual or company, and then fill in the address and payee name according to the real situation, as shown below

Here, what we demonstrate on ggadmob.com is to register a US account, so the address is also the United States, and the nationality is selected according to your own situation.

After submitting the above, the payment bill page will appear. At this time, admob will officially review your account. If the payment information is not perfected in the registration of admob, then Google will not review the account.

Wait about 5-24 hours and receive an email from Google, good news! Your account has now been approved, and your account has been successfully registered only at this time.

After the account is completely registered, let’s add the app again. After the app is added successfully, you can directly access google ads into your app and make money.

Click on the left menu, Apps – Add your first app

Choose the platform of the app according to your own situation, whether it has been listed on the app store, even if the app is not listed on the app store, you can access admob

The entire registration process below has been completed. We are waiting for the income and receiving the pin code. For other related steps and questions, you can read our website in detail, and we have released them.

The following is a collection of topics and information we have prepared for you

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