In recent years, why google adsense account is rarely blocked, is Google kind or we are no longer in violation?

Preface: senior google profiteers should mostly have experienced some of the pain of Google’s killing spree, in terms of punishment, it can be said that there is no mercy.

Google adsense policy is not to allow a person repeatedly have more than one approved adsense account, to know that all the masters are evolved from the newcomers. When newcomers are just starting out, they tend to violate or take shortcuts. Such behavior will lead to Google blocked, is the account is blocked we give up this way to make money?

I think 98% of people have to say NO to Google’s account blocking penalty!

After Adsense is blocked, most of them go on and on and on, but have we ever considered that all the killed numbers, are they all caused by their own operational errors and violations? There is no innocent implicated in the kind of possibility?
First of all, we all know that Google is one of the world’s top Internet companies, technology is also first-class, whether the same person has the account, in fact, big data technology is easy to automatically distinguish.

It is not necessarily that different names, addresses, payment information, different login environments and ip’s will necessarily eliminate Google’s account association identification, but often through multi-dimensional to determine, not simply through the above basic information to determine.
It can be stated that in the last ten years, at least about 30-40% of the blocked accounts are innocently implicated, and every time in the past, the mass blocking of numbers is basically a large area, which is simply unstoppable.

Since the adsense upgrade two years ago to start the invalid traffic restrictions since the display of advertising, obviously open the slaughter knife wielded not as powerful as before, one is the invalid traffic Google used the means to stop, two because of the improvement of the associated account approval, but still often people are blocked for no reason, some people even a few months did not start the account, open a look: “account has been disabled …………” and then will be reluctant to open the mail, the results see “your adsense account has been deactivated”, some bad luck is directly even the mail is not.

The good thing is that google is constantly running forward to upgrade, since November 2020, the approval of the successful adsense basically will not be associated with the possibility, for the knowledge of the proprietary, we can not show you too many details details, but also can not accept such questions asked, thank you for understanding.

Does the approval of the adsense will not lead to the association again?

This is only “factory” no association, do not exclude the later maintenance process led to the use of the association, so we still need to do a good job of prevention.
With most of the past half a year, most just because of invalid traffic led to advertising display restricted penalty, generally this invalid traffic activities will not lead to sealing, so now sealing is rare.

Since the number is not sealed now, is it possible to operate casually?

NO! You may think too much, now the threshold has reached the highest ever, there is no closed number of reasons in addition to the aforementioned account with associated risks will not appear again, currently has been in the track of normal operation of the players are basically expert, speculation and illegal operation of the basic also most of the eliminated from the game, which is also one of the reasons why there is no account was closed.

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