In 2022, what should I do if the Bank of Adsense China does not accept payment? How does the bank accept Western Union to provide proof of contract?

In fact, it has been many years that banks in some regions require proof of contracts related to Google when they collect foreign exchange from Google.

In the past, it was only provided for large-amount customers, and most of them were able to receive money smoothly. Starting from December 2019, national banks were unable to directly receive wire transfers and Western Union payments through online banking.

Google no longer supports Western Union! From this year onwards, whether it is $100 or $3,000, you will not be able to collect Western Union online by yourself. You must go to the counter. Currently, only a few outlets in a very small number of areas do not need to provide contract proof materials (Note: adsense no longer supports Western Union payment for advertising fees, specifically see our separate article) ,

Generally, Google’s supporting documents must be provided, and it is even more outrageous to directly say that it does not support public-to-private (this is entirely the policy of the bank branch itself).

So let’s talk about what Google’s proof is today, which is a brief statement like the one above, with the official seal of Google Advertising Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Whether you are an adsense publisher, an admob developer, or a group that makes money from YouTube and uses a Chinese account to receive payments, fill in the following address according to the prompts:

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