If Google starts to block the virtual card collection platform, what will we do with multiple overseas accounts?

It was mentioned earlier that [suspected to start blocking virtual cards] Google will not be able to process payments to bank accounts with routing numbers from February 5, 2022: 121000248. https://www.ggadsense.com/news/shownews.php ?id=219 , the routing number belongs to a well-known cross-border collection platform in China. We can imagine why Google suddenly terminated the use of this account. In recent years, a large number of the platform’s account has been added to Google’s payment and collection methods, and most of the accounts bound to these payment methods are illegally used, one after another. ‘s seal. As a result, the number segment has long been flagged by Google. It’s not hard to imagine why Google ended the use of these numbers. . .

If you want to operate with multiple accounts, virtual platforms are the best choice, often Hong Kong, the United States, etc. are the first choices. With Google’s new regulations ” authentication problemshttps://www.ggadsense.com/news/index.php? stype=0&search=tag&content=googleshenfenyanzheng&lang=cn Many of us have to give up accounts such as the United States, and can only use accounts in China and Hong Kong, China, and Hong Kong accounts have become the first choice. If Google no longer supports Hong Kong virtual card merchants, we will either spend more effort and cost to open a Hong Kong bank account, or switch to a Google account in China or other regions.

It is believed that in 2022, the policies of platforms such as Google adsense admob developers will have more comprehensive restrictions, and the road ahead will only become more and more difficult. We can only escape from Google’s new policy by complying with the platform’s rules, finding reasonable resources, and using resources. limit.

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