How long does it take for adsense to receive a PIN? What should I do if I can't receive my PIN? Is there a quick pass PIN?

Answer: The PIN code of google adsense adopts the mode of transportation by international ordinary mail. It travels from abroad to China, and then distributes it to your corresponding address in the background through China Post.

At present, in the more developed areas of China, it is possible to receive PIN ordinary mail with detailed addresses, but it is still difficult to receive in most areas. Everyone knows China Post ordinary mail.

Q: With that being said, isn’t it easy to fail to receive a PIN? How do I get paid in my account? Is there any other way?

Answer: Adsense PIN has a total of three chances to receive. The first time is automatically issued by the system within 1 day after the adsense account income reaches $10. After 21 days, you can manually apply for a second PIN.

If you still can’t receive it the second time, then continue to apply for a PIN (well, the three PIN issuance opportunities are exhausted), and after 21 days, you can use the form link at the bottom of the PIN page,

Submit the authentication form to google. This process takes a total of 63 days to pass the PIN, which is about a month slower than the normal address to receive the PIN. This method 100% passes the PIN;

Q: There is a lot of money in my adsense account . I can’t wait that long. I need to ease the capital chain. Is there a faster and more stable way to receive PIN?

A: In this way, you can consider the US or UK adsense account. The UK adsense will receive a PIN within 3-5 days, and the US adsense will receive a PIN within 5-10 days. The time is very fast.

The current specific PIN method for Chinese adsense accounts

A: At present, there is a high probability that adsense Chinese accounts cannot receive PINs, and they can only receive PIns by ordinary mail; at present, national accounts can submit PINs for identity verification online after 4 times of receiving PINs have been used.

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