Google adsense identity verification after the new rules of the United States, the United Kingdom account can still continue to use?AdSense Encyclopedia answers

In around June 2021, Google launched identity authentication in the United States and more closely related countries, this policy is mainly implemented in Google play developers, AdSense/Admob and other accounts. In the early months, Google only piloted this policy among a small number of new accounts and old numbers.

By 2022, Google Adsense will gradually implement the full pace of identity verification (real-name authentication). It is expected that all relevant country accounts will be arranged in place within the year.

The impact of the new adsense identity verification (real name authentication) policy?

It turns out that we use the U.S. account only need to register and pass the audit – over PIN (collection) – tied card (binding virtual card collection account) – automatic payment after full $100.

In 2021, there is an additional U.S. tax information, you can understand the Adsense U.S. tax situation by checking our previous content.

Identity verification after the new policy, we need to submit tax information in addition to the U.S. document real name authentication.

This verification upload any of our foreign documents are useless, unless the use of foreign passports + passports corresponding to the U.S. visa can pass the certification (which is also the only formal, legal way for foreigners to verify the U.S. identity information), if you do not have a passport and U.S. visa, then only find a way to use the U.S. identity for verification.

If you don’t have a passport and a US visa, then you can only find a way to verify your identity with the US.

Of course not, in addition to solve their own tax problems, verification of U.S. information is also a matter of each of their own skills. If the monthly income is not much, you can choose your home country account. If the proceeds are more, the United States is still a good choice.

Is it possible to receive money under a different name after verifying identity information? Do I have to authenticate my identity to receive payments?

At present, Google Adsense can still receive money by the wrong name, no payment information is required to receive money in person; even if it is a personal account, you can use the company’s public account to receive Google Adsense wire transfer payments, not to mention the U.S. account.

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