Google AdSense / AdMob address PIN code authentication and account (real name authentication) authentication difference

In the past, many non-developed countries are often difficult to receive Google PIN code, so Google has introduced a way of identity verification to make up for the lack of receiving Google Adsense PIN code.

PIN code address identity verification

However, address (PIN) identity verification is not necessary to complete, and not all country regions can be used to verify the address, if you can receive the PIN code does not need to upload identity verification.

On the issue of AdSense identity verification, ads big league website made a special tab:

We have compiled the steps, postures for the latest receipt of PIN to fill in the information for the account in China. Please check the following title link

Can I still receive AdSense PIN in 2022? How to receive Google PIN code in China and how to get the mailman to notify you by phone? (

Account identity verification (real name authentication)
In June 2021, Google opened identity verification checks in some popular European and American countries for its adsense, admob, play developer and other business accounts, which is the same as real-name authentication in disguise. This move broke the history that Google adsense does not require real-name authentication.
Currently known, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada ….. and other countries accounts are required to complete real-name authentication (identity verification)

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