Difference between Google AdSense/AdMob address PIN authentication and account authentication

In the past, in many non-developed countries, it was often difficult to receive Google PIN codes, so Google introduced an authentication method to make up for the lack of Google Adsense PIN codes.

PIN address authentication

However, the authentication of the address (PIN) is not necessary to complete the steps, and not all countries and regions can use the authentication address. If you can receive the PIN code, you do not need to upload the authentication.

Regarding the issue of AdSense authentication, the ads major league website has made a special label: https://www.ggadsense.com/news/index.php?stype=0&search=tag&content=googleshenfenyanzheng&lang=cn

We have sorted out the steps and postures of the latest account in China to receive PIN and fill in the information. Please see the title link below

Will AdSense PIN still be received in 2022? How to receive the Google PIN code in China, and how to let the postman call to notify myself? ( https://www.zcot.cn/?p=1101)

Account authentication (real-name authentication)

In June 2021, Google opened identity verification checks in some popular western countries for its adsense, admob, play developer and other business accounts, which is equivalent to real-name authentication in disguise. This move breaks the history that Google adsense alliance does not require real-name authentication.

It is currently known that accounts in Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. need to complete real-name authentication (identity verification)

Will real-name authentication be performed for Chinese accounts?

According to the current situation, in the short term, Google business accounts in China and other relevant regions will not implement real-name authentication.

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