Are adsense and Admob accounts compatible? Are the balances of adsense and admob developer revenue accounts interchangeable?

Many times it is necessary to practice to gain true knowledge. Theoretical things are empty talk. People often ask and inquiry, can an adsense account be used as an admob account? Will adsense’s ad revenue be combined with Admob’s app ad revenue? Today we come to tell you with practice.

After a simple test of muttering, they are the same. The screenshot of the specific test effect is as follows:

Here is the Admob payment page details,

We can see that the income of the admob account is $12.55, let’s take a look at the income of adsense;

did you see that? The balance income of the payment page on the adsense side is also $12.55, which proves that the accounts of the two platforms are actually the same, and even the income is combined.

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