[adsense verification failed] We were unable to verify your identity based on the documents provided. You may have reached the maximum number of verification attempts allowed or uploaded an inappropriate photo

Adsense Encyclopedia Xiaobian mentioned in the topic of adsense authentication earlier, American adsense requires authentication, in theory, just verify the identity of the United States certificate.

But many times things backfire, and some problematic accounts will not pass the verification even if they submit U.S. green cards, passports, driver’s licenses and other information. Below we will explain this problem;

Google adsense new regulations, new account will not start PIN verification even if the income is more than 10 US dollars before the identity verification is completed (that is to say, the PIN will not be issued until the identity verification is completed).

When the adsense account needs to verify the identity, there will be a verification period. After being asked to verify the identity, if the identity verification is not completed within 3 months, the display of ads will be stopped.

As shown below:

After submitting the relevant US documents to submit adsense authentication , we received an English reply email from google adsense: We can’t verify your identity based on the documents provided. You may have reached the maximum number of verification attempts allowed or uploaded inappropriate photos .
Your data safety and privacy is very important to us. Google stores your information on secure servers and never shares it, except in limited circumstances specified in our Privacy Policy.

This reply means that the authentication failed, and then the red message at the top will change to prompt: You can no longer run ads due to the failure of authentication. If you need to verify your identity and resume advertising, please contact us; Simplified prompt: Because of your identity Verification failed, so we are no longer serving ads to your site, to verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us

This prompt is to let us contact Google adsense customers to appeal, which means that there is a certain problem with the account, and the appeal may not be approved.

After sending a ticket appeal with google adsense, I got an email reply:

Hi xxxxxxxx,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please be aware that we were unable to verify your account with a valid ID. The hold will remain on the account while we carry out additional investigations and we will let you know the outcome of those in a separate email.

Because we could not verify your identity, we disabled ad serving on your sites.


It probably means in Chinese: Please note that we are unable to verify your account with a valid ID. The account will remain in place while we conduct additional investigations, and we will notify you of our findings in a separate email.
Because we cannot verify your identity, we prohibit advertising on your site.

Google replied that they are conducting additional investigation, review, and they will re-email us with the findings.

At present, this problem is relatively common on the Internet. According to the analysis of the adsense encyclopedia, this problem belongs to the account level and has nothing to do with the verified certificate;

Because we have only submitted one verification, verification is no longer allowed. Even if there is a problem with the certificate or it does not meet the requirements, there are still two chances to verify again. Not giving the opportunity to correct it again now shows that the problem is more serious.

If there is a solution to this problem in the future, we will synchronize it, please bookmark our site.

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