Google adsense/admob developers using virtual card payment (Payoneer) caused a series of risk problems suspended payment information

When using Google adsense, admob, play, we usually choose accounts in overseas regions such as the United States to circumvent policies and facilitate payments.
Currently, most overseas collections use virtual card platforms, Payoneer and ping pong. As global anti-crime and anti-money laundering progresses, the above virtual payment platforms will also verify the legitimacy of our Google business. For example, Payoneer will now require all accounts to submit supporting documentation to prove their legitimate source of income. If we do not provide feedback and verify the submission in a timely manner, then payments made to us by Google will be rejected (returned). At this point, Google will consider our account to be at risk and in violation and will take action against our account, usually suspending the payment, suspending the payment information, and requesting verification of the original tied virtual card information or billing. On this point, we ran into big trouble. Virtual card billing is difficult to identify by Google

After processing our account, we are usually prompted with the following.
“Contact us about the status of the payment account”, this prompt is where we need to contact Google to file a form complaint.
“Verify your payment information to re-enable your payment profile” This prompt asks us to verify the receiving bank account that was originally tied to our Google account. If you are unable to provide verification of the original card number, the account will no longer be available and the balance will not continue to be paid. Give us.
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