【Low Value Content】Please fix the issues we found before we can continue to associate your site

When applying for adsense, google adsense keeps prompting low-value content, but the content of my website is original, what is going on?

We found a violation on http://xxxxxx and your site will not be approved for this:

low value content

Your site is not yet eligible for use in the Google Publisher Network. For more information, see the following resources:

Minimum Content Requirements

Ensure your website provides high-quality unique content and a great user experience

Webmaster Quality Guidelines for Poor Content

Webmaster Quality Guidelines

For more information, please review the Content Policy or visit the Help Center. After fixing the violation, you can request a review of your site.

A: If the above problems occur, you can contact us to pay for solutions. For the price of 1000+, please scan the WeChat QR code to consult me.

The following is a collection of topics and information we have prepared for you

[Beginner’s Guide] Google Adsense registration, payment via PIN, policy management

If you can’t click it, please enter the URL link


AdSense related service URL link https://www.ggadsense.com/product/product.php?class1=4

ggadmob FAQ https://ggadmob.com/admob/news.php?class1=95

AdSense Encyclopedia YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEY93XuIm5KBW6hWI7IqOA

If you want to get in touch with me for help, (the PC version can scan the code above the right sidebar to add my WeChat), please scroll down to the WeChat QR code on the mobile website; my contact email is [email protected]

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