【Latest】2022 Adsense/admob We will no longer serve ads to your website due to your authentication failure

Mumble in the previous article【Authentication-

You need to verify your identity to receive payment from google adsense ] mentioned how to deal with the problem of Google authentication, today we will talk to you about the consequences of authentication failure, what will happen if Adsense authentication fails?

As shown above:

When we fail authentication: We are no longer serving ads to your site because you failed authentication. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.

This means: Google Adsense’s latest version of the identity verification policy, if the verification fails, then your [Account] website will not only be unable to continue advertising to earn Google advertising fees, but even the payment will be suspended for you. If you have a balance in your account but authentication fails, your payments will also be suspended.

Can the latest version of Google Adsense’s authentication policy be cracked?

A: It can be cracked at present, and you can upload the corresponding identity certificate as required.

Will the latest version of Google Adsense’s authentication strategy lead to more downsides? For example, “tax issues”, it is certain that it will have a certain impact on some accounts of some people; there are still solutions.

The following is a collection of topics and information we have prepared for you

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